Princess Animal Hospital

1027 Bayridge Drive, Kingston, Ontario

Downtown Animal Hospital

16 Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario
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Princess Animal Hospital Services

Veterinary services in Kingston, Ontario

  • Budgetable, flat rate monthly payment plans for value added veterinary care.
  • Our Kingston Vet Clinic is devoted to keeping your pet's mouth healthy.
  • Medicinal, Physiotherapy and Alternative therapy found at our animal hospital helps senior pets with arthritis.
  • Our Kingston animal hospital is devoted to less painful, less invasive spays and neuters.
  • Our veterinary hospital is known for adopting laser and other alternative therapies to help pets heal more quickly.
  • Sick pet appointments as well as Preventive Health Examinations for pets in need.
  • Our Kingston veterinary hospital uses cancer specialists and the internet to proved state of the art care without your pet having to travel.
  • Like us on Facebook, and view our bulletin board to help us place more pets in their forever home.
  • Pet Boarding at the Princess Animal Hospital allows for convenient Sunday hotel admission and discharge.
  • Rehabiliting pets after surgery, and pets suffering from arthritis and other painful illnesses.
  • We are dedicated to new, cutting edge surgical methods which cause less pain and inflammation.
  • We offer non-invasive, and more economical ways of seeing inside your sick pet, without having to use painful surgery as a diagnostic tool.
  • Providing all of the dog and cat antibiotics, flea preventions, intestinal parasite prevention and tick prevention your pet needs.

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