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Dental Care

Individualized care plans available for tarter removal, red gums, broken teeth, bad breath and sore gums.

Animal Hospital Dental Care

At Princess Animal Hospital we understand that illness in your pet's mouth will cause your pet pain, and will lead to other medical problems which could shorten his/her life.

Dental health has long been an overlooked part of the care many people provide their pets. Dental disease is a very common and very significant problem in our companion animal population. Poor dental health can contribute to other seemingly unrelated health problems, can be extremely painful and is often preventable. Our pets do their best to hide this pain from us.

Princess Animal Hospital offers dental services ranging from dental x-rays, ultrasonic scaling and polishing to oral surgeries and extractions. We will also offer advice on how to maintain your pets’ dental health at home.

Please call us for more information, or to book an appointment at 613.634.7123.

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