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Pet Laparoscopy

Princess Animal Hospital offers Laparoscopy as an option to traditional scalpel surgery, for less pain for your companion. Laparoscopy involves the use of a fibre optic telescope and camera to visualize various areas within our patients. We use laparoscopy to explore and perform surgical procedures and obtain biopsies within the abdominal cavity, as well as the bladder and to examine and obtain biopsies from within the nasal cavity. Abdominal surgery performed using this technology has been proven to be 66% less painful for your companion.

The most common minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical procedure performed at our hospital is the laparoscopic spay.  Laparoscopy is used in human medicine in virtually every instance where it can eliminate the need for open abdominal surgery and we are pleased to be among the first few clinics in Canada to offer the option of a laparoscopic spay to our clients.

Please call us to book your pet’s Laparoscopic Procedure at 613.634.7123.

Check out Dr. Latimer's blog for more information.

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