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Registered veterinary technician holding black cat

Marisa, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
Marisa grew up in Kingston and recently moved back to the area to be close to family after living in Mississauga for a couple of years. She lives with her husband Ryan, a German Sheppard named Nala, a cat named Dallas (pictured with her), and a corn snake named Arya. Marisa has always loved animals and knew from a young age she wanted to work with them. She had dogs and many exotic pets growing up, including rats, guinea pigs, birds and a rabbit. In her spare time, Marisa enjoys singing, playing the piano, art, baking and volleyball.


Dog laying down with owner's hand resting on top of dog's head

Foods that are Hazardous to Pets – What you Need to Know!

All of the staff here at Princess Animal Hospital hope that you and your families all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving this past weekend.

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