Starting April 1, daytime urgent care is available Monday to Friday 10 am - 10 pm and Saturday 9 am - 9 pm
Please call ahead if you're seeking urgent care to ensure we are not at capacity.

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Our Culture

At Princess Animal Hospital, we value the commitment we have made to animals. Below are some of the many guidelines our team follows:

    • We believe in leadership. We must act as our patient’s advocates to keep pets healthy and save lives.
    • We always listen earnestly to our clients when they tell us about their needs, anxieties, questions and preferences. We work together with them to find the best solution.
    • We believe in the power of relationships. We must work to exceed our client’s expectations on every level.
    • Our duty is to educate our clients. We listen carefully to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and empower them with knowledge and tools to strengthen the bond between them and their pet.
    • Our most precious resource is our team. We work best when we work together, value each other, and support achievements.
    • We value every single team member’s suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and dedication to our hospital and their personal growth.
    • Our team’s bond is as strong as oak. The relationships are built on respect for each other, appreciation, and understanding. We are all working towards a common purpose.
    • We feel a deep responsibility to provide and nurture a safe environment for all – our team, our patients, and our clients.
    • We love our community. Every day, we try to make an impact on the lives of its people and pets.
    • We are stewards of the environment. We have a green office and love to make a positive environmental impact wherever we can.


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All of the staff here at Princess Animal Hospital hope that you and your families all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving this past weekend.

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