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Pet Euthanasia

At Princess Animal Hospital, we empathize with you. The hardest part of owning a pet is saying goodbye. Our end-of-life services provide your beloved pet with the dignity that they deserve. We also work with a company that provides cremation services. Our team is always willing to help guide you through this difficult time.

What is pet euthanasia, and how do I know when it’s the right time?

Euthanasia is essentially an overdose of a powerful drug that causes your pet to fall asleep and the heart to stop beating. It is tough to know when is the right time to make this decision. Our team encourages you to assess your pet’s quality of life and monitor their health by asking yourself a few questions:

  1. Is your pet still eating and drinking?
  2. Are they able to go to the bathroom regularly?
  3. Are they in excessive pain?
  4. Do they want to be involved in your activities?

Our team offers compassion and support when you and your pet need it most. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 613.634.7123.

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All of the staff here at Princess Animal Hospital hope that you and your families all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving this past weekend.

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