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Ultrasonography & Specialist Consultations for Pets

At Princess Animal Hospital, we offer non-invasive and more economical ways of seeing inside your sick pet without using painful surgery as a diagnostic tool.

At Princess Animal Hospital, we have an in-house ultrasound and use telemedicine technology for same-day medical specialist consultations. Telemedicine is the transmission of X-ray and ultrasound images via the internet to world-renowned specialists.

Ultrasonography allows for real-time visualization of several internal structures and processes. Unlike plain radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound imaging allows us to see the tissue architecture within organs, visualize the heart’s pumping process, and make accurate measurements of several structures within the body. It is also an excellent means of obtaining minimally invasive guided biopsy samples.

With advances in telemedicine, we have access to the best veterinary minds in the world. A report can be sent to us within 20 minutes of your pet’s data reaching the specialist.


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Foods that are Hazardous to Pets – What you Need to Know!

All of the staff here at Princess Animal Hospital hope that you and your families all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving this past weekend.

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