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Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

At Princess Animal Hospital, the two most common laboratory tests we do are urinalysis and fecal testing.

Why is a urinalysis beneficial for my pet?

When we process a urinalysis, our veterinarian is looking at many different elements to determine why your cat or dog is experiencing specific urinary issues. When the results come in, your veterinarian will thoroughly go through them with you and recommend the appropriate medication for the problem.

Why are fecal examinations suggested yearly?

By routinely submitting a fecal sample for testing, we can ensure that your cat or dog does not have intestinal parasites that could be contracted by yourself or your family members. For dogs specifically, although many are on deworming medication throughout the summer months, many parasites fall outside of our regular deworming programs (e.g. coccidia and giardia) that pose a zoonotic risk.

If you have any questions or feel your pet may need one of these tests, please give us a call at 613.634.7123.


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